MiFi Pay As You Go Deals - Compare The Top Mifi Deals

Use the comparison table below to compare the top Mifi deals on pay as you go plans.

Pay As You Go Mifi

Pay as you go mifi is avalable from Three Mobile. Three is one of the top providers of mobile broadband in the UK. If you are looking for affordable plans you might want to see what options Three has for you. They offer a couple of options such as the pay monthly contract, pay as you go plan, SIM only plans, MiFi monthly contract and the pay as you go MiFi plans among the pay as you go mobile broadband options that they offer.

Before we launch into what the pay as you go Mifi plans from 3 are we will tell you a little about the device called MiFi. You have heard of WiFi, which is a wireless connection often wired in some way. Wi-Fi has a wired home base that uses an antenna to broadcast the signal and create a hotspot. The closer you are to the hotspot the better signal you have. MiFi is different. It is a modem with mobile broadband meaning it does not need a wired base or an antenna because it is everything. MiFi also works off of the cellular network which means it has 3G technology. It enables you to move around the UK and still get a signal wherever there are cell towers and a good radio wave style broadband signal. MiFi is a mini modem that is larger than a dongle because it has the ability to send and receive information just like your home broadband modem. Dongles do not always have this technology and require hotspots or closer cell towers to work.

Compare Pay As You Go MiFi Plans

With an understanding of MiFi we can now explain what 3 pay as you go MiFi plans exist. There are two plans right now from 3. In the future they may have more, but for right now these are the only two. The first is a 3GB or gigabyte plan. You have 3GB pre-loaded onto the MiFi account. You are given a code to access the plan so that 3 recognises you and your usage. The 3GB is good for up to 3 months. It means you can use up the 3GB before the three months are up, but once those months have gone by any unused amount is forfeited. All pay as you go plans from any company are like this. For the MiFi plan of 3GB you will find it is 71.99 pounds.The second plan is the MiFi 12GB. This plan is also valid for 1GB per month usage meaning you have up to 12 months to use the 12GB. One gigabyte per month is a good amount for the average user. If you are not an average user you may experience more use per month and therefore use the plan a little more. However, this is a good deal as it is 122.99 pounds for 12GB and 12 months of usage.

A lot of individuals on a regular contract will pay anywhere from 10 to 70 pounds per month. If you pay closer to 70 pounds per month, you are spending several hundred pounds per year. Of course, these users tend to be on every day downloading movies, streaming video, music, and using the normal internet options too. These users tend to need a home connection for the stability, so it is a better deal than a pay as you go option in that case.

If you are a user that can get away with 1GB per month the pay as you go MiFi plans from Three may be perfect. You should check the consumer reviews just in case to determine if they are worthy over any other company. From the information the price does seem to be about average.